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Tips for Wearing Your Silver Bracelet

Silver bracelets come in so many styles and shapes that it’s hard to pick just one! From jangly silver bangle bracelets to antique charm bracelets to silver cuffs, there’s a style out there for everyone. No matter what style you’re planning to wear, there are a few universal tips that will help you make the most of your bracelet.

Jewellery to Wear with a Silver Bracelet

In general, bracelets look great with any other type of jewellery. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can wear it as a statement piece and avoid other jewellery, or stack on additional bracelets and rings for a lush look.

Woman wearing a silver bracelet

In general, bracelets look great with any other type of jewellery.

If you’re planning on wearing a silver cuff, keep other jewellery sleek and pared-down.

Silver bangles, however, can (and typically should) be worn with several other types of bracelets and jewellery for a fun, mixed-media look.

Styling Your Silver Bracelet

Let your bracelet shine by choosing the right outfit to wear.

Three-quarter sleeves or shorter look fantastic with bracelets.

In fact, if you have a shirt with sleeves that are just slightly too short, adding a bracelet is a great way to fill in the gap.

Typically, silver looks better with colours that are cooler or brighter. Pair your silver bracelet with a blue top for a monochromatic look, or add some sparkle to an all-black outfit.

If you’re wearing trendy neon colours, slip on a silver bracelet for some added punch.

How you style your bracelet depends on its overall feel – a sculptural silver cuff fits in nicely with a modern, minimal look, while a stack of bangles has a definite boho feel and can be paired with long skirts and blouses.

Adding Accessories

Hats, scarves and other accessories look great with silver bracelets.

However, there are a few caveats.

Avoid bags with gold hardware when you’re wearing silver jewellery – it’ll look mismatched no matter what you do.

You’ll also want to reconsider that scarf if you’re wearing a silver charm bracelet.

Charms can snag your knit or loosely-woven items, and can even put holes in silk if you’re not careful.

Metal Mismatch?

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Traditional wisdom says to wear jewellery in one colour – e.g., either silver or gold. However, mixing metals has been on-trend for a few years now.

The best way to wear both silver and gold is to find one item that incorporates both. That way, it looks intentional, rather than sloppy.

Otherwise, pair your silver bracelet with all-silver necklaces, earrings and rings. Pay special attention to this if your wedding band is gold.

It doesn’t mean you have to swear off silver, just that you’ll need to ensure it looks planned.

With bracelets in particular, the sky’s the limit! You don’t have to worry about your haircut or neckline as you would with a necklace, so feel free to take risks and try out new styles with your silver bracelet.

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