Top 10 Gift Ideas In Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver Jewellery

Top 10 Gift Ideas In Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver Jewellery

By Melanie Spark

If you are searching for the perfect gift idea in cubic zirconia and sterling silver jewellery, take a look at 10 of the most popular choices for gift-giving:

3-Stone jewellery. One of the most popular, and yet classic, style in cubic zirconia and sterling silver jewellery is that of the 3-stone design. Said to symbolize the past, present and future, these designs remained one of the most popular gift ideas for several years and will continue the tradition as a popular choice.

Pave designs. When you buy a jewellery design featuring pave cubic zirconia, you are getting an even larger look for your money. Pave designs give the illusion of more stones by the way that they are set which, in turn, leads to greater sparkle and a bolder presence.

Matching sets. The most popular types of cubic zirconia and sterling silver jewellery sets are those that feature a perfectly matched pendant and complementary earrings. It's one thing to purchase a pendant and then search for a pair of earrings that will work back nicely to complete the set, but it's a whole other experience to own a perfectly matched set of cubic zirconia and sterling silver jewellery.

Geometric Drop Hoop Earrings & Necklace Set

Butterfly motif jewellery. Whether you want an accent design or a bold butterfly featuring cubic zirconia and sterling silver, these colourful winged creatures are fluttering their way into the hearts of many jewellery wearers. A butterfly can symbolize many things, including a significant change in one's life, a new look, happiness or just the perfect fashion statement from one of the most popular trends in jewellery.

Circle jewellery. For several years, circle jewellery has been one of the most popular gift ideas. A circle features a line that is never broken, a consistent ring that has no beginning and no end. Circle jewellery, including earrings and pendants, are popular for much the same reason as wedding bands are. They imply a bond that is eternal and, with no end or beginning, are perfect gifts for the loved one in your life who wants to add some sparkle to her jewellery wardrobe.

Triple Lucky Circle Necklace With CZ Stones

Engagement rings. Cubic zirconia and sterling silver engagement rings are very popular gift ideas. Available in the same cuts as a genuine diamond, including round, marquise, emerald and oval, cubic zirconia engagement rings are especially affordable when set in sterling silver.

Silver Bright Zirconia Delicate Ring

Dangle earrings. The look of a dangle earring in cubic zirconia and sterling silver is the perfect complement to any wardrobe. Whether you are dressing up in your favourite holiday attire or are decked out in your favourite jeans, dangle earrings featuring cubic zirconia will easily reflect the light as they dance freely just below the earlobe.

Dangle Hoop Drop Earrings With CZ Stone

Chandelier necklace. Nothing says style better than a chandelier necklace featuring cubic zirconia and sterling silver. These designs have been popular for some time and show absolutely no signs of slowing down. Classic style meets modern design with chandelier jewellery and they are ideal for gift giving.

Vintage/antique designs. In the style of old-Hollywood glamour, many of the hottest designs in cubic zirconia and sterling silver jewellery centres around the classic charm and a bold look. Although they are brand new and very modern, vintage cubic zirconia and sterling silver jewellery is made to look as though it came directly from an estate sale.

Celebrity inspired jewellery. Speaking of Hollywood, everyone would like to be able to afford all of the beautiful designs that appear annually on the red carpet or even randomly on a photo of our favourite celebrity, but either budget matters or our conscience will almost always prevent us from spending a fortune on the real thing. What we can afford, and feel good about, are recreated designs that are made to look exactly like those we see on the big screen, the red carpet and on the pages of popular celebrity magazines. Their popularity and affordability make celebrity inspired jewellery pieces a must-have.

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