How to place an order - Step by step

How to place an order - Step by step

1. Go to our website and choose from a variety of products.

2. Click on your size (if applicable)

3. Adjust the amount if you want more then one of the same product.

4. Click on the White "Add to cart" button.

5. Now you can keep on browsing or you can head over to your cart by clicking on "Cart icon" in the top right-hand corner of the page (next to search). This will take you to the items in your cart ready to check out.

6. If you are sure about your products click on the black "Check Out" button on the right-hand side underneath the sub total of the products.

7. This will take you to the information page where you fill in all the relevant information. It is very important that you give us a street address for door to door delivery, a cellphone number where we can reach you and an email address.

8. On the right-hand side of this form, underneath the products is a space, "Gift card or discount code". Here you type in a discount code (if applicable) and click on Apply. Your discount will then be calculated.

9. Now click on the Blue "Continue to shipping" button. This will take you to the next page where the delivery cost for door to door delivery will be added. (free if the order is is more then R1000.00)

10. Now click on the blue "Continue to payment" button. This will take you to the next page where you can choose how you want to pay for your order.

Here you have two options. If you want to pay with your card, choose the "Payflex" option. If you want to do an EFT from your bank to ours, choose the second option, "EFT/Direct deposit".

More about Payflex:

Click the links below to find out more about Payflex - a trusted payment gateway

How it works :

Payflex Q & A:

11. Once you are sure of all the information click on the blue "Complete order" button underneath the Billing address options. This will finalize your order and if you chose to pay through Payflex it will take you to the secure Payflex website where you can complete your payment. NB. On the 1st page of the Payflex website, you can choose between "Pay in four" or one payment.

An order confirmation email will be sent out with our bank details in, if you chose the "EFT/Direct deposit" option.

That is it. If you need any help you will find all our contact details here: